Military Insulated Survival Blanket

Military Insulated Survival Blanket

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Outdoor Life-saving Military Survival Blanket, Insulated

Approximate Size 7' x 4.5'

Brand Name: FervorFOX


Covers the body when accidents happen to avoid body temperature dropping.

Can keep body warm when car breaks down at night or in cold area.

Can be used as reflective film to send signal to rescuer.

Can open as canopy in a rainy day.

Can cover front windshield to lower the interior temperature of car.

Can put in the sleeping bag (not included) to keep warm.

Good tenacity, can be used as stretcher.

Can be folded into a small size, compact, lightweight and portable.

Can be stored for several years, very economical.

Suits for outdoor sporters, visitors, explorers, athletes, rescue teams, climbers, edc.